Thursday, February 21, 2013

Whew. A day of pretty ribbon, and a feeling of satisfaction

I was a busy kitty today.

Up until the past two weeks, I have had one order every few months.

In the last two weeks I have had quite a few  orders.

I'm perky right now. :)

Let's see:
12 Hairbows,
4 Clothing Items,
3 sets of Earrings,
7 Necklace sets,
6 Boys' Bow Ties
4 Bracelets
And 3 No Sew Fleece Baby Blankets.

I've been rocking it too.

Packaged Up:
6 Hair Bows,
4 Clothing Items, 
3 Sets of Earrings,
& 7 Necklace sets.

I am currently waiting for more ribbon for 3 of those bows. Frustrating! I thought I had TWO rolls.

Good thing my supplier ships rush if needed for no extra money. :)

Anyway, it's been a heck of a two weeks.

First, I reached 1,500 Fans in the middle of my "Wanna Be 2000 Fans Sale" (but that's a story for another blog.)

Then, those 1500 fans decided they really liked my products. Kittn couldn't be more proud.

Less than a week later,  I reached 1600 fans. I'd be lying if I didn't give myself some credit.  I was out there networking like crazy, not only on Facebook, but Tumblr,  Twitter, Pinterest, and anyone in the mighty internet world who never pretended to be interested.

At one point, I stayed up 48 hours, just getting the old shop back to order after being closed for so long. I immensely enjoyed every minute of it.

Keep 'em coming guys!

Pictured: Order for Holly shipping out today
And the 6 Hair Bows I have completed.

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