Monday, February 11, 2013

A True Fairy Tale from my Past

Once upon a time there was a princess - a beautful fair redhead.
She was locked away in an icy tower protected by a dragon named Falsehoods. She was told that unless she could slay her dragon on her own, she would never be free.

A knight in shining armor came along and saw the beautiful maiden, and was hurt by the fact that she was a victim of her Falsehoods. He tried to save her again, and again, and on the 5th try, told her that she MUST do it on her own so that they could live happily ever after.

She tried. Oh, she tried so hard. And in a mighty thrust of her sword, the Falsehood dragon was dead.

But the knight had grown weary of waiting for her to defeat the dragon on her own, and had turned away from her.

So instead of being free like she had always dreamed, she locked herself back in her tower and mourned the loss of the man she had come to love, for all eternity. And lived sadly, ever after.   Goodbye, her good knight.

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