Thursday, January 17, 2013

Constance: Toys In The Toilet

This is my four year old preschooler.

Isn't she stinkin' cute? NOT today, she wasn't.

My entire family has been sick this week with the flu, so when the toilet overflowed last night, I assumed he was just revolting at the atrocities that we had forced down into his bowels. So I grabbed our plunger and pumped away.

It didn't work. So I did the responsible thing that any girl does in the situation. I called for my fiance'e Nick to take a look at it.

Bless his heart, sick and weak from the flu, he tore the whole thing apart and found a stuffed puppy to be the problem, and painstakingly put everything back in place while I tried to figure out a suitable punishment for my 4 year old, Constance.

You see, out of 3 girls, she is the only one fascinated with stuffing holes. I don't understand this obsession at all.

Anyway,  the toilet was put back together and I ceremoniously pushed the flush trigger.

Only to have that bowl fill with water and NOT empty it's contents down that magical drain.

My fiance'e expressed his frustration with a paragraph of colorful words and I took the puppy to my daughters room.

"See why we don't flush things down the toilet? It clogged and even though Daddy found your toy, it still isn't working!"

"But why didn't he rescue my kitty too?"


I hope you all got a chuckle but as for Nick, he will be repeating the process tomorrow. He won't let anything stand in his way of pooping at home!

First Time Blogger

Well, I guess I'm about to hit the blogging world with my brilliance, or at least maybe get a couple of chuckles out of folks.

My life is far from purrfect, but at night when I close my eyes, I can't wait to wake up and live it all again.


I have had only 3 blog posts since I posted this, INCLUDING this one. I guess I should get on the ball!)