Friday, February 15, 2013

THE DRESS. Squeeeee!!!!

On Christmas Eve 2009, Griff proposed to me with his mother's ring in front of his family, the only family I've ever felt that I belonged to.

Since that day, I have searched all over the world for the perfect dress.

I found one in March 2011 but after discovering that finances did not allow for a marriage, much less a wedding, I grew disheartened and deleted every trace of wedding planning from my life.

This year, we decided to do it. We were setting a date, FINALIZING it, even. We would not budge this time, consequences be damned.

So I had to get all eye of the tiger on my dress hunt because we chose a date.

In. September.
Of. THIS. Year.

This meant no more idle day dreams of my wedding day, but rock solid, concrete decisions.

Those that know me are laughing their ASSES off at me. Just know that I sit here sticking out my tongue at ALL OF YOU.

I found a dress shortly after I started searching. I was DETERMINED that I could find it somewhere handmade and cheap. I didn't. It was too extravagant of a choice. I had to do like many brides all around the world do: walk away.

Granted, it really wasn't that hard. I've never been one to spend a ton of money on myself, especially for a one-day outfit and the price tag on this one was outrageous. However, this did mean that the dress-hunt started over.

Then, I found this. The most perfect wedding dress ever. At one hell of a price. All HANDMADE, AND 100% CUSTOM TAILORED.

Yeah. I kicked that dress-hunt's ASS.

THEN, I also found bridesmaids dresses here. In my bridesmaids' budgets? Check. Pleasing to the bridesmaids? Check. Pleasing to the bride. Flippin' check.

Now, I shall stress about flowers, music, freaking cakes, but about The Dress no longer.

Aline Romantic ivory layered Organza Wedding by MermaidBridal

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