Monday, February 11, 2013

Simply a Love Story by Yours Truly

Coming down her hallway, she looked up, and there he was, laying on her couch like he was meant to be there. Hell, who was she kidding, he WAS meant to be there, not on her couch, but in her bed. She'd known it from the night they'd met, that he was something special, and nothing she'd ever known before. He whispered "Hi Beautiful" and as always, his words made her smile, her heart race, and she fell in love with him even more. She noticed this every time he spoke to her, or even looked at her. She was changing, into something she had never wanted to be. Anytime she saw a mirror, she checked her hair, made sure she looked just right for him, though in reality, she knew he saw her as beautiful, and as she checked the mirror one last time, she saw it too. Finally, she could honestly see herself the way most men did. Red hair, gorgeous green eyes that could seduce in a heartbeat, and a body that could bring almost any man to his knees if used the right way. But she didn't need these things to seduce HIM. When she looked into his eyes, she knew that he didn't see the outer beauty, he saw the real person she was. This, was why her hands were shaking, why she grew weak every single time he came near her. She had never let a man get this close to her, and now, looking down her hallway towards him, all she wanted him to do was take her in his arms, and tell her he loved her. Neither of them had actually spoken the words, but she knew she was in love with him, now more then ever. But did he feel the same way? She stepped out of her hallway, into the living room, and watched his reaction, hoping for him to love her and look at her just the way she was looking at him now. With wonderment, and eyes that spoke only of passion for each other. And when she looked, she thought she saw it. Without speaking, she curled up next to him on the couch, and wrapped her arms around him, just needing to feel his body pressed against her, not in a sexual way, but in an embrace showing him how much she cared, even if she was too afraid to say it out loud. She pushed all thoughts of love or romance, or even the future out of her mind, and just let herself be swept away by the moment, by the feel of his body under her hands, and by his touch. God, but was his touch a beautiful thing. Never sexual, only lingering fingertips touching her skin in ways she never imagined erotic, but somehow erotic anyway. Then, he did it. He kissed her, and she was lost to him. Completely lost. All she had to do was just drift away while he touched her, and showed her exactly what she needed. And as the kiss broke, he said the words she needed to hear. Forcing her to look at him, he looked into those beautiful green eyes, and said those three promising and yet frightful words -- "I love you". 

"I love the way you taste, the way you feel, the way you smell." He paused then, and in that moment she paused too. Her whole world just stopped. She'd been waiting so long to hear these words, but something in them made her think. He had told her he wasn't here looking for love, just to work and start over his life. What if loving her ruined all that for him? This was her double edged sword. Be greedy, or walk away so that he could live out his life the way he wanted to, without her as a distraction. So she held him tighter, not repeating the words that she had wanted so badly to say, and almost cried, knowing that she would have to let the one man she ever truly felt this way about go. So she chose to be greedy for that moment, took all of him in she could, and knew that later she would have to walk away and break his heart so that he would be happy. She wasn't right for him, she knew that now, but damn, it broke her heart to realize it. With her silence, he watched her reaction, and it made him ache. What if he had been wrong to tell her he was in love with her? He really didn't mean to scare her, he just wanted her to know he loved her, even if it wasn't reciprocated. He tried to keep silent, but his fear of her walking away took over, and as she held on to him tighter without saying anything, he grew afraid himself. She can't walk away from him now can she? So, he did what he knew best, and he touched her, letting her feel his love through his touch, and hoping she would understand that she didn't HAVE to love him back, just know that he loved her. Her body reacted to his touch in every way he wanted it to. In just a few moments, she was pressing closer to him in the most erotic way. He'd never had her, but oh, how he wanted her now. If she was to walk away, at least he would have this memory of her. 

She laid there in his arms, letting his hands do as they wished, knowing that this would be the only night they would have together, and let it all fade from her mind. All she wanted was him for this one night. That wasn't too much to ask for was it? As he rolled on top of her, and their kisses became more passionate, she knew no other man would ever have her this way again, that this connection would always remain between them no matter how far apart they were. He tried to get her to follow him to her room, but her heart revolted. If she made love to him in that bed, every time she slept there, she would be haunted by memories of him, of the love she had to walk away from. So they made love right there on the couch, neither one saying a word, until the end, when her mouth did the most treacherous of things, and whispered "I love you too." 

As he started his truck outside of her house, he couldn't stop thinking of her, and how she had felt tonight. He had come to Texas to concentrate on his career, but that saucy, smartassed redhead had changed everything. Oh well, time to push her out of his mind, after all, he had a long drive ahead of him if he was going to be at work tomorrow. What was he thinking staying so late with home 4 hours away? As he put the truck into gear, and turned onto the highway, the old memories began to haunt him again. Not of her, but of a woman long ago, who had destroyed him, and had been the true reason for his moving to Texas. 

Ashley had seemed like the perfect woman. As a bride she had been beautiful, and remained that way even after. The perfect match for someone like him. She always had a smile on her face when he came home from work, and dinner was ready and hot. And damn, how the woman got to him in bed. Even now, thinking of it, he could still feel her body against him, and it made him ache for happier times, for Ashley who was wild in bed, wilder then he had ever imagined. 

He should have never come home early from work, but he wanted to surprise her. He hadn't been able to stop thinking of Ashley all day, and he told his boss he wasn't feeling well, and stopped by the florist. Hell, he'd even picked up her favorite chocolates, trying to make sure everything was perfect. Where had he gone wrong? He could still remember the sounds coming from their bedroom, the sounds he had been looking forward to all day. Only it wasn't his name she was calling. As he opened the door to their room, he watched the wild bitch on top of his best friend, and the flowers dropped. Oh, she had been a good bitch alright, deceiving him, making him blind up until that very last moment. No wonder they said love was blind. 

And now there was this redhead. Lord, was he in over his head this time. She hated cooking, hated cleaning, and refused to settle down and be domesticated. What the hell was his heart thinking falling for her? She was everything he hated in a woman. Rebellious and smartassed, that girl had a way of pissing him off in a way that turned him on in more ways than one. And the worst part? He didn't even WANT her to change. He liked her just like that. Was it because she was so different from Ashley? It was something he would have to think more on.

 She heard his truck start and take off, and her heart ached. She was so confused. She dressed for bed, and as she brushed her teeth and looked into the mirror she saw the sorrow in her eyes. Did he see it too? Of course he did. He could read her inner thoughts and almost always knew when she was upset. As she pulled back the covers of her bed and let her body nestle into her warm covers, she stretched out and tried to erase all thoughts of him so that she could sleep. But sleep wouldn't come, and she ended up thinking of the night they had met. It had been amazing, though she had had WAY too much to drink. 

She was supposed to go to the bar with some friends, but when she got off work, she was too tired, and heartbroken from a long relationship just ending. She had thought Daniel was everything she had ever wanted, and had been so wrong. Driving home from work, her cell phone rang, and it was one of her friends. Lisa was asking her to come to a beach party with her, but she just didn't feel up to it. So she told Lisa no, and drove home, but something kept nagging at her. Why didn't she go? After all, it wasn't like her ex was sitting there saddened by the loss of what they had shared. She already knew he had been out with friends that night, having the time of his life. So as she parked her truck outside of her house, she called Lisa back. With a few words, it was agreed that she would meet Lisa, and Lisa would take her to the party since she didn't know anyone except Lisa. She didn't even bother dressing up, it was just the beach, and she didn't plan on meeting any guys. She put on her fake smile for Lisa, and when she got out of Lisa's boyfriend's truck at the beach, she remembered this was her element, and it was time to forget about her ex. So she jumped out, put that fake smile back on, and jumped right in the middle of the party. He had walked up to her, and offered her a beer. Oh, but he was gorgeous. And the fact that he seemed to actually care about the environment made her curious. Who the hell was this guy? She walked away from him, turning instead to his friend, afraid of the attraction she had felt immediately. There was no way she was walking back into a relationship again. No way in hell she would let herself become attracted to a man and let him stomp all over her heart. 

As the party went on, she found herself having more fun then she had expected, and her eyes kept turning towards him, her ears to his voice. She was so curious about who he was, and where he was from, but fear kept taking over. But it didn't take too many beers for her, and she felt safe. So she walked up to him, and as soon as she looked up into his eyes, she knew it. There was something real about Destiny. Maybe nothing would come out of meeting him, but she knew he had been there for some reason, just as she had come to this party unknowingly meeting up with the Fates and what they had in mind for her. He was from San Antonio, and she knew she would probably never see him again. But by the end of the night, they had exchanged phone numbers and he had promised to call her. And he had kept his word. 

It had been a long time before she had seen him again, this time him inviting her to take a trip with him to Corpus Christi. He had been such a gentleman, and by the time the weekend was over, she had been wishing it would never end. But it had to, and thoughts of him kept her awake every night. Why did he have to live so far away? And what was this feeling deep inside her chest for a man she had seen only twice in her entire life? They talked on the phone almost every night, and a few months later he was back down for a weekend at her house. Tonight had been the end of that wonderful weekend, and as she drifted off to sleep, all she could think of was his touch, and she swore she could still feel his fingers on her body. But what was she going to do about the fact hat he didn't need her barging into his life like this? She would have to do something soon. The longer she waited to tell him how she felt, the more it would hurt in the end. But for right now, she fell asleep dreaming of his arms around her, and of a future that she knew would never exist. 

He walked up to his apartment, and entered it, and he couldn't help feeling how empty it was. She should be here, he told himself. He fell into his bed for a quick nap before work, and when he got to work, he immersed himself in it, trying not to think about her. Damn her, she was such a distraction, didn't she know the effect she had on his mind?

His mind kept going back to the night they met as well, and oh, how she had captured his attention like no other. Did he think he'd be this obsessed over her later? No, but he knew she was amazing. When she had jumped out of that truck, he had seen her, and when she introduced herself, he found himself staring into those eyes. Sure, he couldn't see the color then, at night, but they were beautiful anyway.

At first they didn't run out of things to talk about, until she had said excuse me, saw the 4 wheeler, and asked his friend to take her for a ride. What the hell? And when she came back, she was laughing, a beautiful laugh, but still hanging out with his friend. Oh well, guess she just didn't feel the attraction that he did. Wouldn't be the first time.

But then she had come sauntering over to him, and sat there beside him, and they had talked all night. He knew she was trouble form the moment she had stepped out of that truck. Redheads were always trouble. but who was he kidding? He had always loved girls that were trouble. They were fun. He wasn't looking for love, just some good old fashioned fun. And he found himself laughing with her over some of the silliest stuff.

When he drove her to her own truck, they exchanged numbers, and he found himself hoping that she would come to the beach again that night. But she didn't come, and he went home feeling slightly disappointed. But when he called her the next day, she had seemed warm enough, and the continued talking over the phone for the next few months. Then when he found out he had to go to Corpus for the weekend, the first thing he had thought of was her.

So he called, and asked if she would like to come, and when she accepted, he felt his heart race. He would be alone with her for the first time. By the end of that weekend, he had discovered there was much more to her then just a pretty girl with beautiful eyes. She was beautiful every way around. And when she looked at him and smiled, it took his breath away. She made him feel like a man of power.

Of course, she invited him back to her house for the weekend. And by the end of this weekend, he said he loved her. He was kicking himself for that now. He did love her, but she didn't need to know that. What if she was like Ashley and just used him as well? By the time he got off from work, he realized he didn't remember anything that he had worked on, and sighed. Talk about a distraction.

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