Sunday, March 31, 2013

How much do you really know about sex? Answers. (BBMPU Fans.)

People who have sex about three times a week are perceived to look younger. How much younger? A. 4 - 7 years.

Who places a higher importance on looks when looking for a casual sex partner, women or men? Women. Was this really surprising?

Other than the genitals and the breasts, what is the only other body part that routinely swells during intercourse? The nose. This is because it is made of the same stuff the penis is.

Some women experience orgasms while breastfeeding. True.

Which age group has the most frequent sex? C. 35 - 45 years.

How long does sex between mosquitoes last? 2 seconds.

Which country leads the world in condom use? Japan.  Like cosmetics, they're sold door to door, by women.

What temperature do sperm banks typically store their sperm at? -321ºF

Tribadism is: B. When two women rub their genitals together.

Fellatio is the correct term for: A. When a person performs oral sex on a man.

Irrumatio is an aggressive form of: C. Oral sex.

Pegging is: A. When a woman uses a strap-on dildo to anally penetrate a man.

Urophagia is the term for: B. Consuming urine.

Pompoir is: B. When a woman clenches her pc muscles (the muscles inside the vagina) during sexual intercourse.

Coitus Interruptus is also known as: B. Pulling out.

Intercrural sex is a form of safe sex in which: C. A man thrusts his penis between a person's thighs.

Before being published as a novel, the Ray Bradbury novel Fahrenheit 451 was originally serialized in what mens magazine? a.Playboy

What vegetable was valued as an aphrodisiac by ancient Egyptians?
b. lettuce

Because of the legend that grew surrounding its alleged hugeness, the penis of what American gangster came to be housed at the Smithsonian Institute? b. John Dillinger

The term erotica is derived from the name of whose famous lover? A. Psyche

Recently uncovered murals from ancient Pompeii depict couples enjoying what kinky fun pastime? D. Spanking

Which American religious leader was married to at least 33 different women, according to historical research? C. Joseph Smith

According to legend what famous female ruler supposedly died while having relations with a horse? A. Katherine the Great of Russia

What famous beauty was fathered by womanizer, Pope Alexander VI? C. Lucrecia Borgia

What book has been banned or at least censored in certain American school systems because of its alleged risqué passages? B. The Bible

What famous ruler kept a large, comfortably furnished harem located underground? D. Cleopatra (I'm loving this woman more and more.)

What ancient manuscript on sex includes sections on dream interpretation and medical remedies for common sexual maladies? B. The Perfumed Garden

Biographers have speculated what American singer/entertainer had romantic fantasies about his mother? C. Elvis Presley

What sexual practice has most often been found depicted on pottery made by ancient Central American peoples? D. Anal sex

The term Teratophilia means what? C. a person who is sexually attracted to deformed individuals

The god Zeus ravished the beautiful Spartan princess Leda while he was disguised as what animal? D. A swan.

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